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Woman Life Freedom

The painting is inspired by Iran’s women lead revolution starting at September 16th, 2022. Protests started following the murder of a 23-year-old young woman, Mahsa (Jina) Amini, by the so-called morality police of Islamic Republic regime due to lack of proper dress code called hijab. The movement shortly turned into a revolution due to the brutal crackdown of unarmed protesters.


Iranians, especially women, have been the victims of social and economic abuse of the ruling government in Iran.  Islamic republic’s totalitarian theocracy is intertwined with corruption and mismanagement; the situation has escalated in the past 13 years.


1500 Iranian women and men are reportedly murdered in the past months of revolution by the Islamic regime and their military arm called IRGC. Murders are taking places in the streets of Iran by shooting unarmed protesters, in detention centers due severe torture, or executions after hoke court ruling based on forced confessions.


You see portrait of a women, blind folded, wearing black, carrying the names of murdered women and men of Iran, for the crime of asking for freedom and justice. She carries the names of her murdered brothers and sisters on her chest and arms; yet strong and determined, to keep fighting, to continue their path, to not stop until getting her freedom back, to pay the price of having a simple normal life. 


The Iran’s revolution slogan is written in the middle of her chest: Woman, Life, Freedom

Oil on Canvas – 24”H x 18”W           



Oil painting about the Woman's Revolution in Iran
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