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Fit Girl at the Mirror

This is a modernized tribute to Norman Rockwell’s painting, “Girl at Mirror”, originally created by Rockwell for the cover of the March 6, 1954 issue of The Saturday Evening Post.  In Rockwell’s painting, a young girl is looking back and forth between her own reflection in a mirror and a magazine image of movie star Jane Russell.  She expresses vulnerability and self-doubt as she wonders whether she could ever be as beautiful as the starlet.  She has cast away her baby doll, as she is becoming a woman, and has lipstick and a hairbrush close by her side.  In my updated version, we have a young figure competitor, and she sees a professional competitor in a glossy magazine.   Like the girl in Norman Rockwell’s original painting, she expresses doubt as to whether she can ever measure up to the woman in the magazine image.  And like Rockwell’s young girl, she has cast away the light, pink dumbbells of the neophyte, and replaced it with a heavier weight, along with the requisite gallon jug of water that marks out a serious gym fanatic. 


Oil on Canvas – 31”H x 30”W


$600 (framed) - PRINTS Available

Oil painting like Norman Rockwell Girl at Mirror
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